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Security tab is missing in folder property in windows xp

Security tab is missing in folder property in windows xp


On NTFS volumes, you can set security permissions on files and folders. These permissions grant or deny
access to the files and folders. You can view security permissions for files and folders by completing the
following steps:

Go in View tab and uncheck Use simple file sharing (Recomanded) box, press OK button to finis

Now you can see Security tab, for example right click on a partition from My Computer and select Properties


Failed to access IIS metabase ASP.NET

Error :  Failed To Access IIS Metabase Error In ASP.NET

If You are getting “Failed to access IIS metabase” error while browsing site or aspx page in IIS server then you may have installed IIS Server after installing the .NET framework.


Try to repair your ASP.NET installation and set up all of the appropriate ISAPI extension mappings.

Step : 1

Open visual studio command prompt and type this command

type ==> aspnet_regiis -ga \username

Example : aspnet_regiis -ga \aspnet

username is usually aspnet

Step : 2


aspnet_regiis -i

Now you have installed ISAPI extension.  Check your Problem would be resolved.